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Be a champion for the rich diversity of Lake Erie wetlands and coastal habitats by proudly displaying your very own marsh wren – and in so doing, help show your support and spread the word about Standing Rush!


At home in dense stands of reeds and bulrushes, the plump and charismatic marsh wren is iconic to its habitat. While weighing in at a hefty 10-12 grams (about the sum of two quarters), this stout-tailed songbird confidently postures and enthusiastically chatters as it erratically skips from the tops of solitary cattails to the depths of camouflaged hides.


Small but mighty, these fierce protectors of their territory seem to somehow understand how unique and important their immediate surroundings are to the broader world.



NOTE: Know that by purchasing Standing Rush products, you are standing for something great. Each decal sold online contributes nearly $5 directly to our restoration and management efforts -- these funds NEVER go to anything else. So you can sleep with a smile knowing that your purchase helps us fund critical functions like mowing, spraying, pumping water, stabilizing shorelines, and improving habitat. Bottom line: trust that these dollars are being put to good use!

Marsh Wren Clear Decal

  • Sized and built tough to display beautifully on a car or truck (e.g., back windshield, side window, bumper, or body), on your favorite electronics (e.g., laptop, tablet, or smartphone), or anywhere you want to show off your Standing Rush and Lake Erie pride.


    • Durable — made of thick, rugged clear vinyl, die-cut with UV laminate 
    • Weatherproof — will withstand exposure to the elements wherever you place them and stick with you through snow, rain, and scorching heat (built for indoor or outdoor use)
    • Scratch and fade resistant
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